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A Hole New World Friday, 9 December 2011 
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News has reached us, this week, of two black holes, each 10 billion times larger than the Sun. We also now know that there's a planet in distant space, remarkably like the Earth, orbiting a not dissimilar star. Closer to home this weekend, we can expect a Full Moon, visible as an eclipse from some places, plus the end of a Uranian retrograde phase. Soon, the planet of innovation and revolution turns 'direct'. That bodes well for anyone who seeks freedom from what has begun to feel like an emotional black hole... or who wants to create 'another world'.

2012. Will it bring the end of the world? Prophecies about this year, from some people, include Global economic collapse. Devastating solar flares. The end of the Mayan Calendar. Natural disasters. Collision with a coment. Even an alien invasion! Do we really need to take any of this seriously? In a brand new eBook, Jonathan Cainer takes a detailed look at all of these threats to the future. Don't miss your free 2012 Survival Guide when you order your special 'Venus Transit' 12 month 'Guide To The Future'.

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