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Many seem to think that 2009 will be full of doom and gloom. They clearly haven't seen what the stars have to say. While it's true that a rare opposition between Saturn and Uranus will keep plenty of political drama and sudden change in the news, this is also a time of great idealism and vision. A new global community spirit is emerging and this will help keep the worst implications of recession well at bay. Indeed, for all 12 signs in different ways, there are strong suggestions now that it can yet turn out to be a truly wonderful year.

I've got a lot more to say to you about the outlook for your sign in 2009. You can hear it all as soon you become a part of our legendary 5 Star service. Or perhaps you might like me to chart your personal map of the sky and prepare a report covering the whole year, strictly, personally for you!

Latest update:

Once every 45 years, two distant planets arrive at opposite points in the zodiac. As one rises in the East, the other sets in the West. Like heavenly giants, about to engage in a cosmic conflict, they throw down their gauntlets across the horizon.

Saturn and Uranus are not the only planets that 'face-off' like this from time to time. But while every tug-of-war produces a passing drama, large duels between such slow-moving dinosaurs have a long-term influence on us all.

One is the planet of order. The other rules chaos. Last November, on the very day that their first full showdown culminated, Barack Obama was elected to the White House. Four more times in the next nineteen months we'll see a repeat of these conditions.

The Credit Crunch is not, really, a symptom of the current heavenly alignment. It's more like an old, ongoing, problem that is being exacerbated by the situation, much as a smoker's regular cough gets worse during a bout of flu!

Our world's urgent need to cure an insane addiction to credit is a matter of great concern to us all... but really it is just the sub-plot to this year's soap opera, not the main story. Let us, then, return to it shortly, after properly meeting the two key protagonists in our tale of 2009.

Rising late each evening in Virgo (where it has been for many months) is Saturn. Saturn governs governance! It rules rules. It stands for all that won't stand for any nonsense. Meanwhile, rising invisibly each morning in the opposite sign of Pisces, there's even slower moving Uranus - the very spirit of rebellion. Gustav Holst, the great composer, called Uranus 'The Magician'. By this, he didn't mean 'illusionist'. Uranus doesn't symbolise sleight of hand. It foretells genuine, sudden change. Something out of nothing. The impossible, made possible right, in moments. If you want just one practical example of Uranian magic at work, think of 'the internet'.

Uranus, in Greek mythology, was the sky god, father of all things. Gaia, the earth goddess, was the mother. Yet Uranus was not kind to his offspring. He kept trying to bury them alive. Until, that is, Cronos came along. Cronos (some today call him Saturn, others know him as 'time') did something a little drastic to his father... after which he never rode a bicycle again. Then, he earned the right to create a new Pantheon, eventually led by his own son Zeus (or Jupiter). To this day, we see Saturn as a symbol of laws that must sooner or later cut us all down to size. Not just parliamentary laws but natural ones. Like entropy. Or gravity.

Over many years, the memory of Uranus faded. He became merely a symbol of some more mythical, magical yet chaotic era long ago.

Back in 1781, though, an astronomer called William Herschel looked through his telescope, saw a new planet and named it Uranus after the ancient sky god. Soon after, the first hot air ballon took off. Up, into... the Sky!

The old laws of time and space, as upheld for so long, so unerringly by Saturn, were all about to be gobbled up by a sky god, hungry after several thousand years, for revenge on his son. The law of gravity was just the appetiser. The spirit of Uranus now strode boldly into every domain ever occupied by Saturn, ripping up rulebooks and trashing traditions. The French revolution. The agricultural revolution. The industrial revolution. These, and many more, all bore the hallmark of a primeval conflict between Saturnine order and Uranian innovation.

Astrologers soon observed that that battles between the old and new, all over the globe, followed the pattern of conjunction and opposition between these two planets. I'm sure you cannot, dear reader, remember how the world was in 1965. You simply don't look old enough. But if you speak to someone who was around at the time, they will tell you how very different it had become by 1967. What happened in between? A Saturn/Uranus opposition.

The Stock market went down. The value of the pound shrank. The establishment felt itself to be under threat as never before. And The Beatles blossomed. And that, really, is my point about 2009. Whatever it's about, it's not about economic disaster. It's about change on a dramatic, radical, worldwide scale. Social change. Political change. Financial change. And change too, in fashion, music, art and theatre.

Once that change takes hold, it will develop its own momentum. And it will finance itself, regardless of what the experts think. We know what they expect. They're all singing from one hymn sheet like a traditional male voice choir. Not for them though, some rousing chorus of Jerusalem. The endless refrain goes, 'Doom and Gloom. Doom and Gloom. Doom, doom, doom, doom, doom... and Gloom!'

It is very catchy.

But although Saturn and Uranus won't complete their current series of oppositions till 2010 we won't all suffer too badly.

Whenever they fight and struggle like this, the winners are always the people who are most willing and ready to drop the old way of doing things and find new approaches or philosophies. Right now, it's clear that these are particularly needed in the world of banking... and busness. The sky god who creates magic out of chaos is helping us see that... and helping too, the earth goddess who desperately needs the human race to be less 'productive' at her expense.

House prices may plummet further, more jobs may well be lost and many traditional industries may have to scale back... but the changes need only be temporary. Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling are in a good position to pressure the banks into keeping foreclosures to a minimum. Over in America, the last thing Barack Obama wants is more tent cities while houses rot empty. Many of us may worry, but few of us will lose our homes and none of us will freeze or starve in 2009.

New technologies, especially those involving space exploration and energy efficiency will yet create work for millions.

And whatever kind of year it prove to be economically, culturally, spiritually, romantically, psychologically, scientifically and politically, it will be one of the most exciting and rewarding times we have ever lived through.

All contents copyright Jonathan Cainer 2008. World rights reserved.
Astrological illustrations and Astrocat by Sally Fisher

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